The Gifts And The Calling

Dear Ones:

If ever there was a clear message concerning the individual’s gifts and calling of God, it is found in John 10:3 where Christ declares: “…He calleth His own sheep by their name, and leadeth them out.” With that individual call comes all that is associated with it, capacities and enablement. (1 Cor. 12:11)  There is another example of the individual’s call which needs to be seen.  For some reason, after the resurrection of Christ, Peter seems to more concerned about the “gifts and calling” of his John, than he is about his own.  He needs to grasp that his calling is specific, individual, and personal.   Peter asked the Lord concerning John, “…and what shall this man do?”  And it is to this question that the Lord Jesus asks another question: “What is that to thee…YOU FOLLOW ME.” (Jn. 21:22)  Each of us has a mandate, a mission, and a means of seeing that purpose realized.  And though it may be in conjunction with another brother/brethren, it remains personal and individual.

What is the key to grasping, and understanding this matter of “the calling” and “the gifts?”  It is communion with Christ.  It is developing the practice of personal, individual worship of the Son of God, by the Spirit and in truth.  The “gifts” are ineffective without the Spirit of Christ…and the calling cannot be realized, “…for without Me ye can do nothing.”  Our highest, and most fundamental calling, is to fellowship with the Son of God. (1 Cor. 1:9)  Out of that quiet, faithful, and “expectant” worship of Christ, will be born a faith, even the faith of Christ, which will enable us to understand the spiritual capacities that the Lord has given us.  It is also, as we, in fellowship with Him, walk in the light, and are kept clean by the blood of Christ, that we can trust Him to anoint us with His Spirit, filling us, and keeping us filled, with His Spirit.  It is then that we KNOW His joy, peace, and love, and out of that communion is born a service that is BY the Spirit, and FOR the glory of God.

So, today, let us realize afresh that He calls us by our names.  He died for all and every person, and lives to reveal the greatness of His glory in the individual life.  And let us concentrate on our worship of Him, trusting Him to reveal Himself to heart and mind through His word…going out into the day  in faith, trusting, resting, and yet aggressively believing Him for the full out -working of His purposes and will in our lives, for His glory.

Love, Dad