The Wondrous Workings of God

Dear Ones:

In the great passage in Isaiah 9:6, we read that “…His name shall be called WONDERFUL…”  The word in Hebrew means:  “…to separate, i.e. distinguish; by implication to BE great, difficult, wonderful…” Because God is “full of wonder,” so are His works.  They possess the same trademark of uniqueness, separateness, and an amazing quality that reflects His character.  In one of the most wonderful passages in the Bible (Luke 2), we see such wondrous workings, and of a nature that is unique, for it is so foreign to the nature and ways of men.

When “the angel of the Lord” came to the shepherds in the fields around Bethlehem, to announce the Savior’s birth, there is revealed a beauty and “simpleness” of God in His dealings with them that is not of this world.  Here we have the King of Kings being born in stable, and yet, the first to know about it other than Mary and Joseph were the shepherds…lowly men of very little social standing, and certainly not possessing wealth.  God bypasses the pride and glory of men, their concepts of greatness and self-declared importance, to reveal Himself to a few simple folk, who never claimed to be theologians, or perhaps, to be “religious,” according to the standards of the day.  However, there was found in their hearts that capacity to believe God, and to rejoice in His word.  Not only this, but in the declaration of the angel to the shepherds is revealed the opening of a door for the whole world potentially to go through to find Life.  “I bring YOU good tidings of great joy, which shall be to ALL people.  For unto YOU is born this day in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord.” (v.10-11)  To the shepherds is declared a message for ALL the people of the world.  And secondly, the message is a declaration of  the greatest, seismic event in the history of the world.  A Savior is born to save all men, “Christ the Lord.”  Again, this “door” that is now announced to humanity is first announced to lowly shepherds.  Is this not a “wondrous work?”  Is it not a unique and separate revelation of the One who is Wonderful, and who only does wondrous things?

One last thought…From the cradle to the days of His manhood, God in Christ did not change in His wondrous revelation of Himself to men.  “(Christ Jesus)…made Himself of NO reputation, and took upon Himself the form of a servant…” (Phil. 2:7)  The beautiful lowliness of the baby in the manger continued to reveal itself in His manhood, for He came not to be served, but to minister, to serve and to save.  He humbled Himself to the uttermost, more than the whole of humanity, in order to save ALL to the uttermost…all who would, like the shepherds, truly trust Him.

God’s wondrous works are the reflection, and out working, of His wondrous nature.  He is indeed Wonderful…unique, separate, distinct in the unveiling of His saving Nature, that all should believe, be saved, and transformed into His image.  Christ is “not of this world,” i.e. the world’s system and values.  He bypasses the glory of man to reveal the glory of heaven.  This is what we are to see, understand, grasp, and to live by.

Love, Dad

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