Let My Hands Perform His Bidding

“…Shall the clay say to Him that fashioneth it, ‘What makest Thou?'” (Is. 45:9)

Dear Ones:

We have a grave tendency to be wrongly audacious.  This audaciousness is founded in the “thought” that God has NOT made us, and that His purposes cannot, and will not be realized in and through us.  Therefore, we, as the “clay,” lean to our own understanding, and “our own way,” setting our own goals.  We fail to grasp that, as the Psalmist declared:  “…I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are Thy works.” (Ps. 139:14)  In Psalm 100, we read:  “Know ye that the Lord He is God: it is He that hath made us, and NOT we ourselves.”  There comes with this knowledge the accompanying fact and certainty that His WILL not only pertains to us in creation, but in the realization of His purposes in and through us for His glory.

Before the Persian King Cyrus was born, Isaiah prophesied that the Lord would raise him up, declaring that:  “….He is my shepherd, and shall perform all My pleasure: even saying to Jerusalem, ‘Thou shalt be built;’ and to the temple, ‘Thy foundation shall be laid.'” (Is. 44:28)  Here is a perfect example of “creation” in the mind and heart of God, of His purposes associated with that creation.  The point is that what He has created, He has ordained for a purpose.  The question then becomes, “How is the ‘clay’ to KNOW His purposes, and be brought into conformity with those purposes?

As in the case of Cyrus, we begin with the revealed will of God concerning WHO Cyrus IS, and what he will become.  “He IS My shepherd.”  We belong to Christ, having been purchased by His precious blood.  We then look at His promises…as there are some that are the same as those given to Cyrus:  “I have raised him up in righteousness…I will direct ALL His ways.” (v.13)  Not only are we called, and been given the promise of His guiding presence, but if we look in Psalm 46 and Psalm 121, we find that God is our very present help, the Help which made heaven and earth.  He is that One who is a living River, powerful and life-giving, our Keeper, the one who will guide our steps, and at the same time will, “….not suffer thy foot to be moved.” (Ps. 121:3)  In light of such revelation of our relationship to God, and His commitment to us, shall we not as the “clay,” respond by declaring:  “…Let my hands perform His bidding, let my feet run in His way?”

Dear Father, we are overwhelmed when we think of Thine eternity.  It is Thou who hast made us, and this, for Thy pleasure and purposes.  Bring us THIS day, in mind and heart, spirit, soul, and body, into conformity with Thy purposes.  Realize in us all Thy blessed will…giving us grace to run this race set before us, and this with Thy joy….for Thy glory.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Love, Dad

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